Ide Usaha Tanpa Modal Dimasa Pandemi

assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh friends how are you all healthy, Alhamdulillah okay friends, this time I will share more business tips like that for sure who have not subscribed, don’t forget to subscribe and turn on the notification bell OK If you have sego hi, okay friends, this time I will share a business idea, yes, so this time I have a comment like that so the comment is like this so he’s Bang he said Try looking for an idea with a small capital like that or almost without capital like that so like that So I will answer it in the video this time OK so friends like this, take advantage of what situations are currently hits like that, for example, now the video this time is about discussing betta fish, there are lots of hobbyists who like betta fish everywhere who sell it whether it’s in a permanent shop whether it’s on the side of the road like that or at home. They provide hickey fish for hobbyists like that.


Well I don’t mean you have to be friends selling betta fish, because maybe betta fish are of course pretty good like that because they vary in types and even the price is expensive like that, so this time taking the opportunity is rather than the place is like that only by using a bottle of mineral water like this Hi friends can already make money like that, okay and this way of processing So this is one opportunity that is almost without capital like that So friends can be listened to like this Okay so making like this way of cutting beginning of slaughtering yes answers cutting like what Iya slaughtering almost to above ya like it well as it pemotongannya Okay so it’s the rest of this hour are not terpakainya unused yeah well this is the removal of roughly like friends who are not use yes So the ones that have been cut like this are Dark to the processing san the painting and even these unused students can still be sold, friends, of course, this is kilo, yes, like that, nothing is wasted, it seems that from us, buying a packaging bottle like this is completely unused, but the waste is still sold back like that, hey okay friends, I have seen how the processing looks like and I gave a leak, it is the cost of capital, it is almost Rp.


200, it is sold online, it is around Rp. 1,000 and this is the online link like this. Okay, there is an online link like this. enough with the capital of the cellphone and of course to go online like that and the bottles of Aqua Hi, it’s really okay, friends, it’s quite easy, right, friends, just use or take advantage of the waste from the Aqua bottles, painted like this after being painted, then friends are marketed online. like that at a price of IDR 1,000, so the cost per one bottle of Aqua is IDR 200 and my friends, our margins are IDR 800 and this is the product the one that is produced here is approximately 200 bottles a day, friends, can you imagine how many per day like that? Yes, friends, the benefits are OK, friends are like that.

So friends are looking for a business if, for example, I already have a start. In your heart what kind of effort are you doing like that, so don’t delay, just text like that because that’s one person who will be successful in the future if, for example, he sees an opportunity by directly doing it like that, yes, it can’t be delayed anymore Okay friends like that. So keep up the enthusiasm for this video this time, greetings, warahmatullahi.

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