Investasi Untuk Pemula itu Sebaiknya Apa? Bedah Risiko Saham, Forex, Bitcoin, Emas, Reksadana, dll

Hello everyone, insert me to Luna, welcome to the Talking Money channel. As the specify shows, we improved this canal exclusively to talk about all things related to money. For those of you who are interested in the world of finance, financials, and financing. Make sure to subscribe to this channel to get the best content from us. Okay, in this video I want to talk about the investment world in Indonesia in general. So for those of you who exactly just wanted to dive into the world of investment This video will be perfect for your template in originating your investment decisions. Well, for those of you who have just plunged into the world of investment. Maybe you’re wondering. Where should I invest? Given this, there are so many investment instruments. There are such things as deposits, alliances, mutual funds, stocks, gold, foreign exchange, peer to peer lending, bitcoin, and many more. You could say, each investment instrument has its own advantages and drawbacks There are very safe investment instruments. The peril is super small-scale, but the return or profit is not too big. And the principal capital of your investment is locked in what can be considered quite a long time. On the other hand, there are also high-risk investment instruments. but allows us to procreate high-pitched profits in a relatively short time. This is the classic principle in the asset world-wide, Which is more often known as “high risk high-pitched return”, “low risk low-spirited return” This meant that “the worlds largest” the financing hazard, the bigger the profit potential On the other hand, the smaller the risk, the smaller the potential profit. Well, before you decide which investment instrument you will choose You is important to understand first this investment mapping which I will try to explain with 2 facets. The first aspect is investment categorization based on the level of risk and return. which I will draw with the vertical axis here. The top one is high risk high return. While the bottom is low risk low-grade return. While the second second dimension is investment categorization based on the investment time period. Which I’m going to draw with horizontal initiatives axis. The one on the left is a short term investment. The one on the right is for the long term So, in this way, we have an investment mapping shall be composed of 4 domains. Area 1 is an investment instrument with an increased risk, high-pitched return with a short-term investment period. The second neighbourhood is an investment instrument with a high risk high return with a long-term investment period. Then there is also area 3, namely investment instruments with low-pitched gamble and low-spirited returns with short-term investment points. Eventually, there is area 4 for investment instruments with low-spirited threat and low-pitched returns with long-term investment periods. Okay , now let’s try to discuss the mapping of this investment area in more depth. Let’s talk about area 1 first, okay? Area 1 is a short-term investment instrument. with high-pitched benefit capability, but has a high potential for loss as well. Examples of investments in this area are usually in the form of trading. Whether it’s stock trading, forex trading, bitcoin trading Or you can also hunt for limited edition items that will be sold in the short term. Usually, investment instruments in this area need specific attention and specific analytical knowledge. The people who are suitable to play in area 1 are those who are risk takers .. and have the fortitude to bear the potential for sizable speculation hazards. And have enough time to give attention and analysis to the investment instrument in question. Continue to area 2, namely long-term investment instruments. with high-pitched advantage possible, but the potential for loss is high as well. Examples of investment instruments in this area, for example, Investing in blue chip broths, investing in mutual funds, specially mixed mutual funds and equity funds Property investment, foreign currency investment, long term investment in crypto currency, low-rated corporate alliances, or it could be an investigation into antique or rare entries whose ethic has its full potential to continue to rise Those who choose to invest in this 2 area Those are usually those who have long-term confidence in the merchandise or object they invest in, and have the fortitude to bear the potential risks that are not big. Continue to area 3, which is for short-term investment instruments that have the prospects for tiny revenues and losings. For speciman, there are money market or fixed income mutual funds Retail government bonds or ORI There are also certain peer to peer giving with assurance guarantees and others. Typically, those who are suitable to invest in neighbourhood 3 are people who want to invest safely, have limited asset, and need opennes in disbursing stores. The last-place area 4 is for long-term investment instruments that have relatively small profit potential, but you can say it is very safe and the potential loss is low or even very low. Examples of investments in that area, for example, situates, golden, SBR attachments, and others. This investment area is perfect for them who want to maintain the value of the assets they have in order to be allowed to to keep pace with inflation in the long run. Investment instruments in locality 4 are usually in demand by people who have limited period of time to protect their financing assets. Until old-time people who have retired and “re no longer” beneficial, but still want to maintain the value of its assets. Not rarely, investment instruments in this area are used as future savings For instance, clear savings for children’s education to old age savings So now you understand about investment mapping. I hope this discussion can be your guidebook to determine the most suitable investment instrument for you. In practice, in fact, most investors often combine investment instruments in several areas at once. There are even those who applied their assets in these four orbits. But of course, the deployment of assets is done proportionally, right? In accordance with the risk profile of each investor. Well , now you might be wondering If you want to combine investments in these four domains What should be the proportion of assets allocated to each area? Actually it depends on your risk profile profil Where everyone has their own risk profile In this impression, everyone has different needs and lives For speciman, there are young directors who are not married and have not yet been relatives. Of course, yes, there must be a different investment approach with the head of a family with 3 relative children. So here are a few tips from me so you can reflect on your risk profile profil and adjust to the 4 financing fields above. Before you decide which investment instrument you have selected Try expecting some of these questions to yourself First, how long is your target investment period and what is your investment goal? Is the goal to accelerate the growth of your resources in a short time? Or do you want to grow your assets gradually over the long term? Second, are you ready to lock your investment assets in the long term? Or you need an investment instrument that is quite flexible So that the money can be liquidated at any time if needed? Third, do you have free time to monitor and control the growth of your investment assets? You look, there are several investment instruments instrumen Extremely those who have high risks who need special monitoring So that the risk can be minimise. Fourth, how much fund will you allocate for speculation. Make sure, you have to calculate the investment budget first So that you don’t get confused with the cashflow of monthly fees, your obligation to pay greenbacks, and the necessities of daily life. Well, by mull on yourself with these 4 questions Hopefully you can be more observant in prefer investment instruments instrumen and allocate your stores according to your investment objectives and risk profile. Okay, that’s all I want to get to Hopefully this video can help those of you who are confused about where to invest If there is anything else you would like to ask or discuss, Or if you want to request the next topic, please write it in the comments pillar, okay? Don’t forgotten to like, subscribe and turn on the notification bell So you don’t miss the best videos about the world countries of finance from us. See you again in the next video, stay on the Talking Money channel, because talking about money, there’s no end!.

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