Hanya Air dan tepung diaduk, jadi cemilan super enak

pandanus mortar cake How to make it: Lumpang cake ingredients: 450ml water, 50ml pandanus water, 160g sugar, 100g wheat flour, 100g tapioca flour mix all dry ingredients, flour, tapioca and sugar stirred add water white little by little, stirring until well blended stirring until the sugar dissolves add the pandan sediment add a little pandan paste then filtered mold contents 75 ml / seed grease the entire surface of the mold with cooking oil boil water until it boils after boiling, heat the mold heat the mold for 2 minutes the dough is stirred again so that the flour does not settle pour the mixture into the mold fill in the dough 3/4 only Steam for 20 minutes over medium heat cover the steamer with a cloth that absorbs water, adjust it to the condition of each steamer after cooking then turn off the heat, and let it sit at room temperature topping ingredients: 100g grated coconut / to taste, a pinch of salt, 2 pandan leaves add salt to grated coconut mix well add the pandan leaves Steam the grated coconut for 10 minutes Steam the grated coconut for 10 minutes sajikan kue dengan kelapa parut Remove the cake from the mold delicious, soft and chewy cake is perfect for selling ideas / stuffing snack boxes Thank you for watching

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