F1 Clash| 10k Buck Worth Of Crates

shout out to marco padrana alfredo jr 
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and all our channel members welcome back gaming with king family to another 
f1 clash video and today it's going to be an epic   video we're going to be spending 10k bucks to 
unlock legendary crates all right so before we   jump into this epic crate unlock remember 
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this video that would be epic if we get   300 likes on this video and let's go see what 
we get first off we're starting off with this   uh platinum crate that we got from the leagues 
let's jump straight into it and see what we get all right so we got some latifi 
there some shoemaker rotor   nice we got the pusher up to 
the next level so that's nice nice we got the cream 5 and let's 
see what else nice max verstappen yes yes that's what i'm talking about 
and we haven't even unlocked any of these   legendary crates yet and the video is already 
hyped let's let's upgrade verstappen hype   the video is already hyped smash that like button 
if you haven't already smash that like button   come on guys the video is already hyped   we got verstappen there let's upgrade these and 
we'll be upgrading as we unlock each crate uh to   even our ads of getting uh better parts all right 
so level four verstappen and level four leclair   looking good and we even uh we have not unlocked 
any crate as yet it's epic it's really epic let's   go for a first legendary crate all right let's 
see what we can get for our first legendary crate there we go first one first one up 60 bonus let's 
see all right so we got some common wings 15.   twister nice that's a good part for your fast 
pit time so you want some of that twister   the tv there all right so we got the seesaw 22 
of that nice we got vessel up to level four nice and we got him close to level three yes this is 
insane danny ricardo going up to level three as   well this is insane that's just one crate come on 
have you smashed that like button yet one crate   come on one crate and we're 
getting so much good stuff   out of one crate smash that like 
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it's going to be epic one crate come on come on you know you guys love it one crate so far one 
legendary crates so far and look what we got   so much good stuff let's upgrade all of these 
and then we'll jump back into our second crate   insane let's jump into our second crate 
second legendary crate let's see what we get top that first one all right so we got some 
incense nice though incense in like paid crate   is like a waste but the spring we just need two 
more to get that to level six i really want that   part to level six and saying the wall one and 
you really need that part to go to level seven   as well uh got some kimi there and attention 
yes level five ten [ __ ] yes that's the part   that we need we need that part attention right so 
we got some uh waste epics there but that's okay   let's go upgrade them the tension is the part 
that we're using so we really want that one to   go up to the next level insane all right let's 
go level up the remaining parts looking good   looking good we have a lot of money to 
spend we have uh 1.1 billion coins already   uh if you can't believe that so we have a lot 
of money to spend so let's upgrade these epics   and see what else we can get 
all right looking good so far   let's unlock our next a next crate so that's two 
crates down so far and we're looking good we're   getting some good parts uh from those two crates 
let's jump into another one see what we get from   this next legendary crate smash that like button 
if you haven't already guys come on four bucks   nice so we got back some bucks subscribe to 
the channel if you haven't already subscribed   turn on those post notifications for all these f1 
content come on this spring that's epic we got to   spring to level six that's so epic so epic cruiser 
there alright let's see the epics that we're to   get padlock to the next level i've got the seesaw 
this one is going to give us one oh look at that   charles leclerc 32 oh come on come on this is 
epic this is epic i wonder if we can get some   more leclair and get him to level five that would 
be super epic let's level up the springs here 40k let's go what are you doing game let's go   this is so epic can't believe it 10k 
bucks we're spending on legendary crates what's going on here seems like the game has stuck all right let me reload the 
game and then we'll be right   back i'm going to pause the video for a second oh there it is it's right up now it's up now it's 
jumped up so that's going to improve our fast   speed time by a lot wow our pit time is now down 
to 2.60 seconds insane all right that's just epic   let's see what other parts we have to upgrade 
now 15 million that's upgrade uh rare that's cool   we have the coins so yeah all right so 
let's jump into another legendary crate   and see what we get what number are we at i'm 
not even sure what number we're at at this point   i'm so hyped the great gravel sonoda 
almost at level seven let's go   let's go charles leclair fingers crossed for 
charles leclair we just need 15 more leclair   uh 15 more leclair fingers crossed 15 more 
leclair all right we got our waist wing again   15 more leclair all right so we got some 
other ways in that one that one was kind of   uh mostly uh full of waste let's let we got 
gasoline up at least let's get gassly up we did not get any yeah we 
got a part let's level that up   come on charles leclair 15 we just 
need 15 5k bucks remaining let's go come on leclaire come on leclaire even some lewis hamilton would be really 
nice we haven't seen louis anytime in these crates so first time lewis 
will be nice antonio level seven latifi george russell all right so this one seems 
to be filled with drivers few parts now come on all right we got that magnet nice 
please look clear all right so it didn't get   a little clear there we got a gear we'll take it 
what's what's up there it's for leveling up now   that magnet where is it let's level that 
up 24 million that's nothing oh it's   going straight up 38 million nice that's 
nothing all right so we have 4k remaining remember to smash that like button if you 
haven't already smash that like button   and remember to subscribe to the 
channel for all your f4 manager content   and this is just epic and we're going all out 
for you guys this season all out two bucks there   10 gavel sonoda level 7 nice all 
right looking good looking good   got some vettel let's see what's up for those 
epics the clamp all right so that's going to   go to level three come on we're clear fingers 
crossed come on this wing is killing us here   this front wig is killing us all right so we have 
3k bucks remaining so that's like two more crates   let's level up the clamp to the next level that's 
nice what else do we have to level up sonoda these comments at higher levels are really 
good to use in the higher series a lot of   players are using them and they're doing pretty 
well with them up there in the higher seas   series so we'll be testing them all right oh 
we have the clamp didn't we just upgrade the   clamp so why is it still showing up in our shop 
now maybe it's some form of glitch there it is   yeah i think it's some form of uh glitch 
there it is in the shop showing that we   have not upgraded it as yet but let's jump 
into this 3k remaining next legendary crate   let's see what we get here gear all right we 
got the oh come on we could have got a good   amount of the wall there that would be epic all 
right all right we got stroll some stroll there sand paper the push and this wing 
again come on this wing is killing us   and we got the power plant nice level three power 
plant that's epic right there a level three power   plant i think we're gonna have one more crate one 
more crate come on guys subscribe to the channel   if you're not yet subscribe help us get to 10k we 
are working really hard for it big dream of mine   really appreciate you guys for all your support 
let's go final legendary crate of the video   and then we'll just take an overall look and 
see come on we just need 14 more leclair come on   14 look clear in this final crate fingers 
crossed 14 world clear fingers cross all right so the first up is a rotor and we got 
some wall nice all right so we just need like   14 more wall as well uh but we don't have any more 
bucks to buy another legendary crate hollow signs   nice all right so it's looking good 
now it's looking like a driver finish   danny ricardo yeah you ricardo why couldn't it 
be leclaire oh my god all right we got a swish   why couldn't it be leclaire danny ricardo 
jumping in in the final second there stealing the   spotlight from leclair why couldn't it be leclaire 
oh my god all right let's level up ricardo and see where we're currently at so it's still 
going to be my two best drivers are still going   to be verstappen and leclair at least we got 
for stopping up to the next level so that's epic   and we have a good amount of parts up to the 
next level so that's also epic hopefully we can   go through and do some good with all these 
parts that we've just upgrade so 10k bucks   can get you about eight legendary crates 
like what we just opened eight and we're   gonna finish it off with a platinum crate uh 
let's finish it off with a platinum crate here   so we started with a platinum and we're 
finishing with a platinum and we got some bucks oh nice we got the wall to level seven sweet 
so that platinum crate and definitely worth it   blackbird first we were getting that one another 
fast bit time one there that we really needed   a few of that and the cream all right we got that 
to level six and daddy ricardo again steals a   spotlight from charles leclerc all right all right 
so let's upgrade these and then we're going to end   so our fast bit time setup got really good 
we got really we got some nice parts there   to level up our fast bit time setup and yeah we 
got some good upgrades i'm loving it i'm happy   hopefully you guys are also happy let me know down 
in the comments what you guys think of the upgrade   uh of the opening what was your favorite part and 
yeah leave codeword open more crates down below   to let me know that you made it to this portion of 
the video really appreciate you guys for all your   support and that's going to be it for this one 
and i'll see you guys in the next one peace you

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