Cara trading Gold yang AMAN dan MENGUNTUNGKAN

Hello all Trader friends, Welcome to Channel Forex Club Indonesia Fundamentals and technical analysis In this Episode we will discuss, Tips and Tricks how to trade GOLD Ok In the previous pole, we are the Forex Club Indonesia unit Have made a vote, made a vote Where from 2251 Referendums we received Forex Club SUBSBRIBER Friends Everyone Wanting all of us Forex Club Indonesia team to discuss Tips and Tricks How to trade GOLD Ok What all Indonesian Forex Club Trader friends need to know is that: When we trade GOLD with that PAIR trading Very, very varied, because indeed Actually the relevant principles is “GOLD price is never ZERO” Ok Once again, the Gold Price will never be ZERO Rupiah Then, GOLD is a commodity Where, if the stocks is It’s going fewer and less, then of course the expenditure It will increase day by day Once again, all Forex Club Indonesia buyers should note That the price of gold is never zero Then GOLD is a commodity, where if the stock is limited Then of course the cost will go up in the previous election We get 61% of all Forex Club Indonesia SUBSCRIBER friends Requires us to discuss GOLD trading Ok We discuss one by one Characteristics of GOLD, Ok Where is the phenomenon happening now 29 July 2020 Gold prices have broken out of all-time highs In 2011 Where in 2011 GOLD Price Reached 1916.20 Where is the highest price? Then now the toll has been broken Ok Well … When 1916.20 GOLD Price How much is this if we devote? Ok We learn how to calculate the price of GOLD In MT4 then, repute convert to Rupiah, Ok In 2011 the highest GOLD price was 1916.20 Let’s open the calculator first, Guess learn to calculate the price of GOLD to Rupiah Well … Here on MT4 Here …. The price now This The unit is per toz Well … per toz is 1 toz equals 31.1 grams Ok Here the rate is 1958 now 1958 1958 Point 01 We share this with 31.1 grams Well …. this Gold price intends now 1 Gram is equal to 62 US Dollars Ok Once again, now I recur again, Well …. here on MT4, Gold price 1958.01 This unit is per toz per toz is 1 toz equals 31.1 Grams We live for Let’s open the calculator 19 1958 1958. 01 Then we part by 31.1 grams Well..This is the price 1 Gram Gold( GOLD) is equal to 62 Us Dollars Well .. if Rupiah 1 dollar are similar as now 14 thousand 570 Conveys 1 gram of Gold is equal to Nine hundred Nine hundred seventeen three hundred five Rupiah Ok It’s easy, all your best friend, all Forex Club Indonesian Traders How to see the current gold rate in rupiah? When we look at MT4 Ok We discuss the characteristics of GOLD First, the range of GOLD’s flow is very high Daily move array Where is it now from the data we have placed Here is the moving median of the GOLD price It’s 24 July 2900 times Then on 27 July This is the 24 th, this is the 27 th, the rate movement reach is 5000 details Ok Then here it is dated 28 Range of change 7414 Targets Well..In, if we have an equity of $10 If we op fortune 0.01 Yes … It’s definitely a margin call, therefore, if you are all Forex Club Indonesian brokers friends If you want to trade GOLD, first understand money management How much Optimal Capital we need to use What we need to prepare For trading? in GOLD Because indeed The resemblance is like this, if we want to create a company, of course we calculate first How countless How much operating costs do we need to set up a factory Then how much is the operational cost? Buy How much for the raw materials to buy, Well … we’ll calculate that Same with us trading Well … When we sell either in PAIR or GOLD Then we need to calculate first How much OPTIMAL capital do we need for trading, OK? Once again The first characteristics of GOLD are: Very, very large range of daily price campaigns Over Thousands of Qualities Then, the second largest characteristic( 2) of GOLD itself Very high volatility of premium gestures The propose is From Making 1 candlestick with other candlesticks this .. The extent is..very big Well, this one Up to 1 candlestick per hour 1000 pitches This …. The next candlestick is 781 tops Ok If we have a capital of$ 5, then we OP lot 0.01 Yes .. If the kit is entered incorrectly, it’s definitely MC Because it’s only 1 candlestick The volatility is up to 1000 extents Ok This is for the 2nd characteristic Then, the third characteristic of GOLD is more responsive to Support and Resistance Levels This is the data I made from the movement of GOLD as of the 29 th where, These are reinforcement and opposition grades This … I use indicators Diman, here this … At the second resistance the candlestick can’t breakout then it goes down This Unable to breakout Mantul SELL, Breakout BUY Mantul SELL, Breakout BUY, Ok If we breakout, BUY now This … The premium did not break the SELL entry entry Here .. It’s also the same, below at the Support level Where If it returns we do BUY if it breaks we do SELL Here, the premium cannot breakout Then, Price goes up We do a BUY enter ok, We open directly mt4 now …… Here, we use patronage and resist gauges To draw daily Support and Resistance Levels, this … This indicator is free or FREE 29 July Ok … 2020 here One example is the daily Support level Where here the toll cannot breakout This is where we do a Buy entering Ok, Once again The third( 3) the special characteristics of GOLD It is more accept to support and fighting ranks Because that’s responsive Then we can use the pending order programme Buy limit in the Support Area, then SELL Limit in the Resistance Area Ok I belief a very clear discussion about the characteristics of trading GOLD trading Then Tips and Tricks Once again, our letter from the Forex Club Indonesia TEAM to all Forex Club Indonesia buyer friends What to note: First( 1): The toll of GOLD will never be ZERO Then, GOLD with PAIR is different Because indeed … GOLD is a commodity Where if the stocks is getting less, then the rate will go up ok, Then use the appropriate Money Management, what is the optimal uppercase that we have to prepare For trading GOLD, OK Guess you need to learn good money management first Thank you, see you in the next video If something is not clear from this video, delight write it in the COMMENT column below and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE the FOREX CLUB INDONESIA channel To get technological analysis videos and other trading fundamental analysis Thank you, see you in the next video Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb.

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